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The Mid-Semester Mayhem

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Student Edition by: Lindsey Ahbe

The mid semester mayhem- it’s a real thing. We have all felt it. Classes are going great until everything seems to pile on at once. Everyone knows that feeling of “Oh crap, this is real.” The first few weeks of classes feel easier than most because there’s no exams, big projects, or assignments due. Then around halfway into the semester, things get real. Students begin to panic as professors assign tests and projects. Sports seasons begin to intensify. The initial panic is the thing that hurts the most- that feeling of how am I going to do this? Then we, as students, try to do anything and everything at once. We begin to stay up late to complete homework and study and we don’t eat properly, which makes fueling our brain and bodies more difficult.

But with all that, we as students, need to take a breath, relax, and do what we can in the time that we have. The most beneficial advice that one can give and receive is to make the most of your time- in all aspects of life. If you’re going to study or do homework, really dedicate that time to doing those things. Turn off your phone. Focus on one task at a time and prioritize the things that are going to need more of your energy. Prioritizing what needs to be completed can make your life less stressful and more organized.

Also, go to bed at a decent time. I think that most students make a wrong turn when they stay up late instead of getting up early to accomplish work. Utilizing mornings can give you an extra hour or two of homework done before you really even start your day. In an article posted to the “The Daily Universe” by Karenna Meredith, it is recommended to go to sleep at 11 p.m. and wake up at 7 a.m. This time frame gives you 8 hours of sleep and still allows for extra time in the morning and even some later at night. They also mention that avoiding technology 30 minutes before bed can increase how well you sleep. So, try to avoid those late-night scrolls through Instagram and Twitter.

One tip that I offer is this: make your bedroom somewhere that is always stress-free. I try to avoid studying and doing homework in my bedroom as I want that area to be dedicated to rest and relaxation. When I am in my bedroom, I do not need to look over and see the large amount of homework I have to do, but instead a nice picture of my dog or good times with friends will make me relax.

So, even though you will feel stressed when the mid-semester mayhem hits you, you can be prepared and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Eat right, sleep well, prioritize your work, and relax when needed. I promise that almost everyone in classes right now is going through the same thing and feeling the same way. But, we, as Findlay Oilers can get through it together.

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