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We Learn. You Grow. 
Expand Your Business Capabilities 

We are a student-run consulting agency headquartered out of the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. We work with a variety of clients to give expert advice and accelerate their business in any way needed. The agency is held to the highest of standards delivering quality solutions to existing companies. 

How can we help?

Digital Marketing

We engage audiences through creative media content, then analyze it to help develop solutions to grow your online presence.

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Social media management 

Blog posts, videos, e-newsletters, infographics, website content, presentation aids
You name it, we create it.

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Brand development

We help design your brand identity by providing everything from branded content to timelines and strategies.

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Business research

We assist businesses in conducting research on their market share, target market, and other aspects. We help business to maximize the way they advertise through research.

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Graphic design

We help your business by designing graphics and logos to boost your appeal and strengthen your brand name. 

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And so much more!

As the Oiler 10, we are ready and able to help your business with whatever you need. Listed above are just some examples of what we can do, but, no matter the project, we are here to help your business expand. We are eager to overcome any challenge as we take on new jobs.

No challenge is too big and no project is too small. 

The University of Findlay
1000 N Main St
Findlay, Ohio 45840

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